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Chibi Pirates - The Depths of Midnight Weblargh!

Enter the Depths

Charted Course

Chibi Pirates - The Depths of Midnight Weblargh!
The Depths of Midnight

Enter the Depths

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Obaba Card
The new layout bears a new format and name. Spiffy, no?
As I stated elsewhere, it takes me longer to render text than any other single aspect of the process. I am both a bad speller and prone to overlook details in the telling. But I have gotten better at that.

Notable Changes:
• Comic updated (BIG YAY!)
• I added a little more flair to character pages.
• Joyce got a bit of a revamp.
• FAQ updated
• About updated
• New Arrt and fan Arrts.
• Prolly a million other things my mind lost during the upload/purge.

Things to come?
Jevil of Sage invited me and some other Deviants to join a trial of combat on his secluded resort island.
Since this is very much YPP related, I did not refuse the offer. Rather than not post anything while I meet this challenge, the battles will pass right to The Depths, and hopefully my little fighter will triumph.
Did I mention that she's a pacifist?
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