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Chibi Pirates - The Depths of Midnight Weblargh!

Just around the corner

Charted Course

Chibi Pirates - The Depths of Midnight Weblargh!
The Depths of Midnight

Just around the corner

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Obaba Card
Much of my concern has been in preparing for the inevitable introduction of stupidity and a website/comic relaunch. The new name and layout are done and a few minor support graphics remain.
One of the biggest changes will be the introduction of watermarks and notations of references.
I have had a few good friends pull all their art from the web, in tears, due to the unscrupulous act of others using and manipulating their work and claiming it for themselves. It hurts, especially when it involves characters one spawns as dynamic representations of parts of their soul. Someone taking that from you practically identity theft.

For the comic, which has been on another one of my annoying extended hiatuses, I am doing my best to make it as unobtrusive as possible. I miss drawing "The Gang #2" as well as "The Gang #1", who I am realizing I miss both the AMM and Sleeping Dragons roster a lot. I don't expect many major cameos of the SD gang in AMM, but Sera and at least one other character do play prominently in SD. The nightmare of spawning not one, but two comics is looming and oddly enough, sounds very fun and daunting. Hope to see you all soon!

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